• Streamlining Operations

    A lot has changed in the last few thousand years, but the core elements of security have remained the same: people, equipment, and weapons. Dextra Fortis is a technology company built around these elements to streamline and enhance the operations of private security companies.

  • Personnel

    People are at the heart of security and therefore at the heart of Dextra Fortis. Dextra helps companies vet, hire, and manage their personnel, while at the same time helping quality contractors find work.

  • Equipment

    Vehicles, machinery, body armour, and other pieces of equipment are all essential to the effective deployment of security services. With thousands of pieces of kit, spread across global operating zone, companies can struggle to optimize use of their existing equipment while minimising storage costs.

  • Weapons

    Without arms, there is no armed security. Weapons are an essential part of many forms of security, but their management often poses problems for security providers as companies seek to match weapons with their teams, ensure adequate ammunition rounds, and compliance with local and international laws.


Database Solutions for the Private Security Industry

Over the last two decades, the Private Security Industry has grown tremendously and continues to grow to meet the needs for specialised security globally. The technology that supports this industry, however, has in many ways been left behind, and PSCs and contractors alike spend much of their time managing processes that could be automated or streamlined through industry-specific software solutions.

Dextra Fortis addresses this need by providing database solutions to the Private Security through the Dextra Fortis platform. Dextra is designed to help manage and oversee operations related to the core assets of the industry: its people, its hardware, and its weapons. It not only facilitates existing operations, but enables new capabilities as well.